Meody Technology

What is it?

What is it

Meody Server is a XMPP messaging server allowing two XMPP clients to connect and exchange messages. It also allows users to exchange files. Creation of chat rooms is also available.

The solution is totally configurable and allows an administrator to control the permissions of each user plus the control of type of messages allowed or the maximum size allowed for exchange.

The server side also monitors messages between users and spots and blocks any spam activity.


The server configuration is not complicated. The default values of the server is suitable for most cases. The variables speak for themselves and configuration is very easy even for non tech users.

Hardware Requirement

The server needs to be a linux machine with Pentium processor or above. Meody can provide you with the solution hosted at its side. But if you want to have it hosted at your side, then we can give it to you for installation.

Distributed Solution

The server solution is scalable. If the load is high, then you can add another machine and configure it as a server. You can easily add more machines if need be, however it will depend on the load that you have.