Meody Corporate solution has the ability to increase interactive business communication between your employees, irrespective of the device they are using as our solution is fully compatible with desktops, tablets and smart phones. In addition, our Corporate solution also allows your employees to exchange messages, files, images, videos and voice messages.

The solution allows the admin to control the messaging behaviour between employees and separate them into work groups according to their departments.

The advantages of the solution are:

  1. Fully interactive solution allowing any employee to reach to any other employees, irrespective of whenever they are and whatever device they are using (desktop, tablet or smart phone).
  2. Connection can be controlled based on the level of location.
  3. Employees can share important files or voice messages (therefore, our solution will save a lot of time and it's a better solution than having a lot of important missed mobile calls from fellow colleagues and clients alike).
  4. Secure solutions as messages are highly encrypted.
  5. Employees will not use their own private emails, so the company will have its information stored in a safe place even after the employee leave the company.
  6. Low budget version as all messages are highly encoded to decrease the overall bill on the company.

  • Perfect For: big multinationals and big businesses who want to reach out to mass customers through innovative mobile messaging across various platforms.