MyBuddy is a unique solution for couples or loved ones who would like to have direct way of interacting with each other without having a list of friends. In short, it's a 'one-on-one' chatting messenger solution. In this solution, once a user has added another user, he/she can't change it as they then get bound with that user. Therefore, it means no more messages sent to the wrong window and wrong person!

The solution allows for instant messaging, exchange of files, images, videos and voice messages. In addition, it also allows for messaging when a user is offline while another user is online.

Unique advantages are:

  1. One to one messaging will make the application easier to use.
  2. No more messages sent to the wrong person/window by mistake.
  3. The application is using minimum bandwidth and thus can be left to run in the background with no worries about the increased traffic.
  4. The application is very easy to use, even for kids or elderly people who have limited knowledge of smart phones or PCs.
  5. The application offers the ability to track the position of your buddy.
  6. Low budget solution as messages are highly compressed, thus lowering the budget for users.

  • Perfect For: Couples, Parents and kids.