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Cross platform messenger

Smartphone & Tablets

& Web

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Full customized solution

Server with Control Panel:




Rebrandable Client

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Lot of extra features

record audio/video messages from phone directly

exchange images and files

Group chat

Geolocation chatting

Anonymous chatting

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Meody Operator

Import contact list on phone



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Meody Corporate


Secure chatting

Group chat fits departments

Exchange important documents securely

Location tracking between team members

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Meody MyBuddy

Direct one to one messaging



Elderly people

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Meody Standard

Connects to any XMPP service

Video/audio messages

Geolocation & Anonymous chatting:

discover & meet new people

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Cross platform messenger

Full client/server messenger available on Web and mobile devices.

Meody Cross-Platform Messenger

Cross platform solution allowing users to communicate from their PCs or mobile phones.

It allows instant messaging and exchange voice, videos, images and files.

Meody works on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Java, Windows Phone, PalmOS and Symbian.

Cross-Platform Messenger
Unique Advantages

Unique Advantages

1- Reducing the bandwidth used to minimum.

2- The ability to exchange photos, videos, voice chats and any other file on your desktop, tablets or mobile.

3- The solution is a full client/server solution.

4- Operators can use it to create their own messaging platform.

Customizable Client/Server

The solution is a full client/server solution that can be installed on the side of the operator or business. We can fully cutomize the solution according to your needs, create sub-groups for messaging and interact with all users.

Customizable Client/Server