This solution is specifically tailored for operators, Big VAS providers, MVNOs, TV stations and Radio Stations who would like to offer their subscribers/users a cheap way of exchanging messages, voice, images and videos that is fully controlled by the operator. In this solution, the provider will have full control on the allowance usage of their subscribers and the operators can closely monitor their messages to redirect ads according to it. The provider can offer the solution for free to end-users and bill them on messaging specific user or on exceeding certain number of messages (or size) per day.

The advantages of the solution are:

  1. Allow providers full control of messaging platforms.
  2. Allow providers to make messaging fully free by not charging users when they connect to the "messaging server", which can be hosted on a dedicated IP.
  3. Allow operators to monitor messaging between users.
  4. Allow operators to show ads depending on the messages being exchanged, thus sponsoring a free ad-supported messaging solution.
  5. Allow operators to create custom groups serving specified purpose and allow users to join these groups (depending on age, location or other parameters).
  6. Decrease traffic for the operator as the messages are highly compressed/encoded depending on the customer's choice.
  7. The server solution is scalable and can easily be scaled to cope with high numbers of users.

  • Perfect digital advertising and digital marketing solution for: Operators, VAS providers, MVNOs, TV stations and Radio stations.